Mikrotik VPS

Mikrotik VPS

MikroTik virtual server is a server that uses MikroTik RouterOS operating system. This server has a variety of uses that have made it highly popular among network professionals. Buying a Mikrotik virtual server is suitable for people who need a server for specific configurations, especially network configuration.
Mikrotik's virtual server has all the features of a virtual server, while it is used for private secure communication, routing, network traffic analysis, firewall, device IP change and dozens of other applications. All Mikrotik national virtual servers have high-speed 1Gb cloud port, 99.9% uptime and upgrade capability along with fair price.



CPU : 4x
Ram: 8GB
Disk space: 20GB
Port: 1G
Monthly traffic: 80G
IP اختصاصی: 1 عدد
Data center: IRAN
Dedicated resources
OS: Mikrotik Router
Delivery period :1 working day
قیمت/ماهیانه: 624,000 تومان

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