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Shared Hosting

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Dedicated Server

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MelliCloud Hosting

Powerful, reliable and secure

  • Free SSL
  • Accelerator cache
  • Half price for Iranian users
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  • Easy installation with just a few clicks
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هاست اشتراکی شروع از 41,000 تومان/ماهیانه Beginning

All plans in MelliCloud include the following features:

Proudly hosting in Iranian data centers with Iran IP

Automatic update

Automatic and secure upgrade of your apps and plugins. It is always easy!

Ongoing backup

Automatic backup of all your apps and settings, using the best and easiest tools.

Database tools and types

Database management tools and support for a variety of databases including MySQL, SQL Server, SQLite and…

Information security

We use CloudLinux OS with LVE technology to separate all users and resources.

Easy to set up

Easy installation of dozens of popular scripts and content management systems including WordPress, Joomla and Drupal.


Using special tools in your optimization settingsSet your PHP version and memory limits.

Resource Monitor

At any time you can see the usage statistics of your resources for each site such as CPU, memory and operating system usage.

Fast and user-friendly control panel

Easy management of services using the admin panel with your direct access.

AWStats Analyzer

 Record and view hits, new visitors, pages, hits, busy hours, search engines, bots, broken links, error codes and…

In Windows hosting and Linux hosting Easily install your site with the automatic installation tool with a few clicks

Completely free

We are with you every step of the way

Ownership of servers

MelliCloud does not use the services of another company to provide services, but owns its own servers, and direct and instant access to the servers keeps us at the forefront of resolving potential hardware issues.

Uptime 99.99%

The availability of your website is our priority. We stand by this commitment with a guarantee of safe uptime! With software and hardware safety solutions according to current world standards

Peace of mind

Reputation and long history in the field of hosting, servers and Internet services, is evidence of a reliable base for our dear compatriots to use our services with peace of mind.

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