Email hosting services

With a reliable email hosting service, always have your emails safely available, even if your site is unavailable, its email service will not be interrupted and will be available.

  • Ability to receive email account usage reports (space, sending and receiving emails, etc.)
  • System for detecting and stopping attacks related to email service
  • The ability to create HTML email templates through a powerful editor
  • Ability to define black and white list
  • and full features of a hosting service

Everywhere on all devices

With the email service, keep your latest emails, contact information, contact list and essential appointments available on any device.
You can check your emails with any device you connect to the Internet.
  • Fast and easy
  • On the computer
  • Laptop
  • Tablet
  • Mobile
  • And any other device…

Email hosting plans

5GB Space
Mail service: Webmail
Advanced anti-spam system
Immediate delivery (automatic)
قیمت/سالیانه: 815,000 تومان
10GB Space
Mail service: Webmail
Advanced anti-spam system
Immediate delivery (automatic)
قیمت/سالیانه: 1,254,000 تومان
20GB Space
Mail service: Webmail
Advanced anti-spam system
Immediate delivery (automatic)
قیمت/سالیانه: 4,824,000 تومان

✅ What is an email host?

Get fully professional emails with Mellicloud, choose any of the email services, Mellicloud guarantees the security and stability of your service. In Mellicloud, you can count on 99.9% uptime, servers with global standards such as biometric access, connection to several backbones, emergency power sources and backup. All email services are provided through Outlook, Outlook Express and or other email receiving software are accessible. You can also receive, send and manage your e-mails online from anywhere you want through an internet browser.

✅ Connecting your domain to Mellicloud email hosting?

A domain means an address to enter a website or an email hosting space, and you will not be able to manage any website without connecting to a server space that hosts your files, emails, and website content. A domain is connected to its host server through Name Servers or DNS. In general, the connection between domains and hosts is made by name server, abbreviated as ns.
To connect the domain to Mellicloud email hosting, if you have registered your domain in Mellicloud, you must change the DNS of your desired domain after entering the user portal from the services section.

✅ Connection with Mailservers of Mellicloud

It is possible to access your emails at any time and using all devices (laptops, mobile phones, tablets). Mail server of Mellicloud supports POP3, SMTP and IMAP protocols. You can also use webmail to access the mailbox. http://mail.yourdomain The username of each mailbox is the same as its email address, for example info@yourdomain. The password of each email address can also be set in the control panel.

✅ Connecting the National Cloud e-mail account to Gmail

Using this feature, the user can send and receive emails through Gmail but with his own domain address. So far, Google has reserved 10 gigs for this service. With this service, the space allocated to the user's domain email will not be filled simply. It should be noted that in this case, no email will remain in the user's mailbox and all emails will be received in the Gmail account. In addition, when the user cannot access his domain email mailbox for various reasons, he can send and receive mails related to his domain address through Gmail as before.

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